Campus Ride

Campus Ride is a ridesharing service that allows students to request and receive rides in exchange for points. Riders are encouraged to trade their parking spot with drivers, so that everyone benefits!
The service was made in collaboration with my brother, Aviv Miron, and Yu Sun, a professor at Cal Poly Pomona University.

Find My Parked Car

Find My Parked Car is an Android and iOS application that allows the user to save the exact parking location and view it at a later time when needed. The user can also take a picture of the parking spot, set an alarm for metered parking, and write a note. Additionally, the application is available on both Android Wear smartwatches, as well as the Apple Watch.
On Android, there is also a feature called Automatic Parking Detection, which uses either the device sensors, or a Bluetooth connection, to accurately and automatically detect when a user parks his car. The application also notifies the user when he is in close proximity to his car, and allows him to start a turn by turn walking navigation to it.
The Android application currently has over 300,000 downloads.
The iOS application was developed by my brother, Aviv Miron.

Games Launcher

Games Launcher puts all the user's installed games into a single folder. It boosts performance by closing background tasks. The newest version introduced a screen recording feature that allows the user to share what's on the screen.
The application currently has over 350,000 downloads.

My Batteries

My Batteries puts all devices’ batteries in a single place, so that the user will never be surprised that one of his devices is running out of battery!
The service was made in collaboration with my brother, Aviv Miron.

My Drawer

My Drawer is an App Drawer replacement with many advanced features. It automatically organizes apps by category, provides advanced search functionality, multiple themes, and the ability to hide unwanted apps.

MyGroceries Shopping List

MyGroceries is a mobile application that allows a user to create a personalized shopping list. Additionally, when going shopping, the user can start a shopping session and keep track of the items in his cart.

MyPass Password Manager

MyPass is the simplest and most secure password manager yet. It allows the user to store websites credentials and notes, and view them at a later time when needed. To ensure that only the user can view his data, the user creates a Master Password.
MyPass has many other features, such as a Password Generator that creates strong passwords for websites. Also, Dropbox integration allows for a seamless sync between the desktop and Android application.
MyPass uses the latest password-based key derivation function called Scrypt, along with AES 256.