Android, Java

I develop Android applications for phones, tablets, and Android Wear smartwatches, all of which are available on the Google Play Store . I reached over half a million downloads in less than two years.
Many of the applications I made are also available on the iOS app store, as I collaborate with my brother, Aviv Miron , who is an iOS developer.

Spring Boot, MongoDB

This website is an example of my backend server skills. The server serves HTML websites, hosts REST APIs I use in my applications, as well as connects to my MongoDB database.
The server serves all content over a secure HTTPS connection.

AWS, Google Cloud Platform

I have worked with both Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform before. This server is running on an EC2 instance in AWS. For my applications, I use AWS's S3 service, Google Cloud Vision, among many others.


I took a course created by NVIDIA that teaches parallel computing using the CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model.

JavaFX, Swing

JavaFX was the first platform I learned. I used JavaFX to create my first project, MyPass Password Manager. Using JavaFX, I created a desktop application that runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux. I later learned Swing in a college course.


Docker is one of the tools I rely on the most. It allows me to deploy my backend web server, the database, and all other configuration files, very efficiently.


I am using Jenkins to automatically deploy to my server whenever I make a new commit. I learned Jenkins in a Software Engineering course in college.


I learned Unity in a college course. I know how to develop scripts and artificial intelligent opponents.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This website is an example of my HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills. The website was created by hand, using Google's Material Design library.


When developing my first application, MyPass Password Manager, I learned a lot about modern password and data encryption. MyPass uses the latest password-based key derivation function - Scrypt, along with AES 256. I am also familiar with Bcrypt, Scrypt's predecessor, and PBKDF2.

Programming Languages

• Java
• C/C++
• Assembly